Bronx Professional Learning

Welcome to the Bronx UP Learning Page

The Office of Field Support, together with the NYC Borough and Citywide Offices are proud to launch the Unified Professional Learning system (UP Learning). UP Learning allows any member of the Borough / Citywide Office (B/CO) community to create, publish, manage, and report on professional learning opportunities for school and field staff. Click for more information on the UP Learning system roll-out.

Bronx Professional Learning Updates

The Bronx UP Learning system will go live beginning June 11, 2019. Please check back at that time for more information.

5 Types of Support Offered by OFDC and B/COs

1. Informational Sessions (Pull-Out Events or Series)

The purpose of this support is to communicate to a group new or revised policies, procedures and guidance from Central divisions for school administrators, district teams, or liaisons from a particular department (ELL, SpEd, HR etc). There is no expectation for participants to turnkey the skills or content learned within their respective schools.

2. Turn-Key Professional Learning (Pull-Out Event or Series)

Turn-key professional learning focuses on the development of content, skills and best practices on a given subject over the course of one or multiple sessions. Participants receive the resources and support to effectively turn-key these ideas, practices and skills back in their schools.

3. School-based Support Series (Push-In)

This support is intended to build capacity within a single school through intensive support for administrators and/or teachers that involves several touch-points over a number of weeks. These job-embedded supports are focused around specific problems of practice.

4. Inter-school Support

Inter-school support provide an opportunity to highlight strong practices or allow for support around a problem of practice through inter-school visits, instructional rounds, and/or other types of partnering between schools. The intention of these supports is to share practices that further schools’ capacity to implement best practices in a particular area.

5. One-to-one Support

OFDC and B/CO staff also offer one-on-one, individualized support electronically to engage individually on clarifying guidance, policy and processes, discussing school-wide strategies, offering expertise as a thought-partner in service of a problem of practice.